About Luke & April

We have known each other since 2nd Grade in Mrs. Cherry’s class… seriously, that’s no lie. Thank God we finally grew out of the coodie stage, even though it took us a while! We started dating during our Junior year of high school and  after four years of dating, we married in 2004. We live in a very happy home in Parrish, Florida with our dog, Rage.

We love Star Wars, Disney, sweets, movies, Christmas, family and kids! After all, we’re both pretty much big kids. Our Christmas wish lists usually consists of Star Wars toys, sugary candy, and anything Disney!

We have many hidden talents:  April can design a doll house out of VHS tapes,  sing (for real), and took 9 years of piano (but can’t play). Luke is a master of yo-yo,  knows sign language, and is a district champion swimmer                                                                 (well, used to be).

We love God, each other, our family and friends, and Bayside Community Church, and we can’t wait for Our Baby to become a part of it all!


3 thoughts on “About Luke & April

  1. This baby could not be any luckier than to have April and Luke as his/her mom and dad!!! So happy for you two and so excited to be a part of this journey with you! Thank you for sharing your journey of adoption with us!

  2. April and Luke, I am over the moon excited for the two of you and your growing family!!!! How lucky this child will be!

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