April 30, 2013 – Court Call Day

The Monday after our baby shower I was sitting on the floor of Mace’s room, as one of my BFF’s and I went through all of his gifts, and I remember telling her… “We are through ARC Conference, our 30th birthdays, Easter, and the Baby Shower, now it’s time to go get Mace!” You see those were all things that we knew we had to take care of before we left for Uganda. And starting in May we had planned to be in Uganda so we hadn’t made any other solid plans after the end of April. Well wouldn’t you know that God is such a good and humorous God that not 24 hours after making that statement we got the call saying we had a court date!

It was Tuesday April 30th and I was having breakfast at the beach with the lovely ladies below. We were celebrating that two of them were moving on to other awesome jobs that God had for them, and two of them were taking their place on our ACME staff. We had such an awesome morning at the beach enjoying the view and each other, and while this picture was being taken I missed a phone call from Sharon, our adoption agent. 🙂

As we walked to the parking lot I saw that I had a message from her. With the girls standing around and speaker phone on we listened to this message… “Hey April, it’s Sharon Bradshaw. It’s about 11:30 on Tuesday. Give me a call. I have some big news. Ok. Bye.”

So yeah, we kind of assumed we knew what that Big News was!! So I quickly called her back and one of the girls snapped the pic below while I was on the phone with Sharon. She was calling to tell us that we had a court date!! On May 16th!! And that we needed to be in Uganda by May 10th!! That meant we needed to leave in 9 short days! IMG_4461We were so excited and as I drove back to the office I called Luke to tell him the good news! That day started the 9 day countdown to flying to Uganda, and we had A LOT to do in 9 days! Flights to book, packing to finish, work to wrap up! The countdown had begun and we were going to get our baby!


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