Mace: 24 months

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Profile of a 24 month old Mace – 30lbs (70%), 37.7″ tall (off the chart!!), head 19.2″ in circumference.

  • Interests: He still loves dinosaurs, but has recently become very interested in sharks and whales after falling in love with the movie “Nemo”! He also still loves Ninjas (Scripture Ninja in particular) but also asks to watch “Kung Fu Panda” daily!
  • Enjoys: Swimming! This kid is a little fish and has been taking swimming lessons all summer. He swims great, is floating really well, and LOVES to dive down to the bottom of the pool for his “shark” dive toys!
  • Turn offs: Like any 2 year old he doesn’t like when he doesn’t get his way. He also loves to be with his mommy and daddy and will still cry for a minute or two when we drop him off at church or leave the house without him 😦
  • Vices: We are working really hard on first time obedience, and on obeying with a happy heart. Mace is still struggling with running from us, as well as hitting. We have lots of talks about using our hands to show God’s love and not to hurt.
  • Strengths: Mace has learned a ton of new things over the last 6 months. He is SUPER smart and intuitive! He can now count to 5 and can identify the colors blue and red correctly almost every time.

Favorites of a 24 month old Mace:

  • Foods: Pizza, yogurt, smoothies, chicken and yellow rice
  • Songs: Mace loves music! We have lots of worship songs for him on our TV and some of his favorites are “Calculate” by Everyday Sunday and  “All that I Am” by Rend Collective. Every time we turn “All that I Am” on in the car he starts smiling 🙂
  • Shows: Mace is really into movies. He loves Nemo, Walking with the Dinosaurs, Toy Story, and Kung Fu Panda
  • Books: “How does a Dinosuar say Goodnight?” “Goodnight Gorilla”
  • Toys: Mace loves toys! He always has a toy in his hand. Some of his favorites are.. Sharks, Nemo, & Dinosaurs.
  • Activities: Swimming, playing outside, watching movies, spending time with mom and dad (I love the point on Monday mornings when Mace figures out that Luke and I are both staying home all day. You can physically see the joy on his face!) His love language is definitely quality time.


Mace has had a giant leap in his vocabulary over the last few months. He is repeating tons of new words every day. Some of our favorites are… Sit, down, done, ball, blue, shark (this is hands down the most exaggerated word Mace says. It comes out more like “shaaauuk”), peepee, food, cup, more, please (pees), woah, hey, sorry (sor) one, two, three (free), four (fo), five (fii) (Five is always the most  exaggerated number he says! And is accompanied by 5 outstretched fingers!)

How 24 month old Mace is like his… 

Mama – Mace loves to play outside and asks to “sit” on the porch every morning. This is definitely something he and mommy love to do together.

Dada – Mace loves toys, just like his daddy!!! He also loves to wrestle with daddy, but will sit on his daddy’s lap and watch him work at the computer as well.

Treasuring 24 month old Mace, bits and details… 

  • When watching the Scripture Videos that are shown in our nursery ministry Mace will do all the motions, and he is starting to try and say the words along with the videos.
  • Mace tries to sing as well. He loves the “Oh oh oh” part on a lot of the worship songs that we do in ACME, as well as “All That I Am” by Rend Collective. A few nights ago I was singing “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus there’s just something about that name” to Mace as I was rocking him before bed and he tried to sing it with me. He would say “Jesus” and “name” at the right times! My heart almost exploded!
  • Mace will tell you “sorry ” after he has done something wrong and has had a discipline. He will even tell Rage “sor” after he has been mean to Rage 🙂
  • We are blown away by what a “water baby” Mace is! He has absolutely no fear of the water and he will go under water, jump in, dive down for toys, swim and float like a fish! It’s awesome, though he does scare us a bit by how fearless he is! He jumped into the deep end of the pool at swimming lessons a few weeks ago when no one was down there, and Mommy had to jump in (with my clothes on!) and get him. When he came up from under the water he was grinning ear to ear! He thought it was hysterical, mommy did not!

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