April 27, 2013 – Baby Shower Day

I have always loved parties and baby showers, and have loved throwing baby showers for my friends throughout the years. On Saturday April 27, 2013 my incredible friends threw me the worlds best baby shower to celebrate our little Mace, complete with all of my favorite people and things!


 The girls chose a story book theme, because of my love for children’s books! And of course it was in the morning with lots of delicious breakfast food, my favorite meal of the day!



My incredible friend Nikki made this stunning cake, of 3 books stacked up, and also wrote me the most incredible poem that she read at the shower! This girl is multi talented and a true jewel!

Mace’s Poem: 

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away

Is not where our story begins today.

Instead it starts in the Sunshine State

With a girl and a boy who began to date.

They soon fell in love and then they got married

Even then at that time, in their hearts you were carried.

Daddy played music, Mommy made rooms pretty

They were apart a lot while he travelled city to city.

Then they both felt a call to be in kids’ ministry

And knew it was time to expand their family

They heard about people loving children in Africa

And they wanted to bring a baby back to America.


About the same time a little boy was found

Near a banana plantation by himself on the ground.

A wonderful lady named Robinah came by

And took him into her home so that he would not cry.

She could not keep him, and that is why

He went to the orphanage where he was not shy.

He was very happy and the nuns loved him there

They knew he was special, and the answer to prayer.


Early one morning, Mom and Dad got a call

That a baby boy so precious and small

Was waiting for them to come and take home.

But this is not the end of our poem

The most important part of this story is yet to be told

Because Mace, you are this boy and you break the mold.

Long before God made us or the earth

He planned you and your incredible birth.

He knew your family would be living here

Along with many friends that love you so dear.

Your mom and your dad are amazing and strong

Forever and always to them you belong.


We prayed for you before, we still pray now

God’s promise is sure and that is how

We know you’ll grow into a strong man some day,

And reflect God’s glory along the way.

 Mace_003 Mace_005 Mace_015 Mace_019 Mace_033

Mace_007 Mace_012 Mace_013

Mace_016 Mace_020 Mace_021

 Mace_002 Mace_026 Mace_024

Mace_025 Mace_032 Mace_059

Mace_041 Mace_042 Mace_049

Mace_053  Mace_037 Mace_048

Some of my favorite elements of the day where the Globe that everyone signed with messages to Luke, Mace, and I. As well as the fact that my sister Elizabeth, who lives in Prague, was able to Skype in for the shower! She was also very pregnant with there first baby Rebeka just as I was drawing to the end of our adoption process.

I loved sharing this special day with so many of my friends and family, especially my Mom and Gran! These two women have made me into the person and mother that I am today, and I don’t know what I would do without them! Mace_063


God truly blessed us with the most amazing village of people who loved us, supported us, prayed with us, laughed with us, and cried with us all throughout the adoption process. And now, I get to watch each and every one of these women love on my baby as if he was their very own!


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