March 19, 2013 – Transfer Day!

On March 19, 2013 very little was happening in the US regarding our adoption journey, but A LOT was happening in Uganda and Mace was experiencing a lot of firsts and fun adventures.

This was the day that Mace said “good bye” to the precious nannies at the Ibanda Babies Home, who had cared for him for the first 8 months of his life. He then made the 4 hour journey from the only home he had ever known to the foster home in Kampala, Uganda. Mace got to experience this journey with his friend Ben (who is now home with his forever family and lives about 1 hour from us here in the Sunshine State) and Jane (an 8 year old little girl who when we left Uganda was still waiting for a forever family), along with Jeremy (an incredible employee of our Ugandan lawyer). They told us that Mace did great on the journey and did a lot of smiling and a lot of sleeping! Sounds about right to us, based on the Mace we know and love today!

photo 3   photo 2

Mace with the main nanny who cared for him throughout the first months of his life! Taken on the day he left the orphanage. 


And just for fun, Mace with that same precious nanny 2 months later when we all returned to visit the orphanage. 

They arrived at Ms Elizabeth’s house late at night, where he spent the next 8 weeks until we arrived in Uganda. It was such a comfort to us during the time that we waited for our court date to know that Mace was in the care of this incredible foster home and that he was loved and being well taken care of! Ms Elizabeth is truly one of the most incredible people we have ever met!

We loved receiving these blurry cell phone pictures from Uganda, as we were able to see our boys precious smile and some of the people who were caring for him in our absence! As an adoptive parent you live for pictures during the wait! Any glimpse (not matter how small or blurry) you can get of your child is something you hold on to like a priceless treasure.

photo 1   photo 5



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