February 28, 2013

Over the next 6 months I will be blogging about the details of our journey to adopt Mace. I will be chronicling the details of what happened in our world on that day, one year earlier.

February 28, 2013… “The day we missed the most important phone call of our lives… twice!!” Yes, the phone call we had been waiting for since November 7, 2013 (when our dossier left America via Fedex on it’s way to Uganda), the phone call every adopting parents dreams of getting… we missed it! Our adoption agent had been in Uganda to visit several of the orphanages that our agency works with, and to take care of business there. She was scheduled to return to the states several days later, and honestly we didn’t expect to hear anything from her (even if she did find out some good news while in Uganda) until she returned.

So we proceeded with our day just like any other Thursday morning. Luke and I were both up and getting ready for work in our bathroom, with the door shut, and music playing. All the while my phone was sitting on my nightstand in our bedroom… ringing.

phone blurred

We missed 2 calls and a voicemail, that said this:

“Hey April, this is Sharon Bradshaw from Florida Home Studies and Adoptions calling. Umm, I would love to speak to you and Luke as soon as possible. You might not have recognized this number so maybe you didn’t pick up. So I will try you back in about five minutes and hopefully you will be available to chat. Ok thanks. Bye.”

Aaaahhhh!!! We were pretty sure we knew what she was calling about 🙂 We tried calling her back and got no answer. We totally understood because she was in Uganda and there was an 8 hour time difference, as well as the fact that she had lots to accomplish on her trip, which was quickly coming to a close.

Luke and I were both pretty bummed, but went on to work and carried on like any other normal Thursday. Well, somewhat normal. We kept my phone on our body at all times with the ringer up LOUD!

When Luke and I pulled into the parking lot at work he handed me this beautifully wrapped box and said “I’ve been saving this for the day we got our referral call, and I guess technically we got the call today.” That boy! He hit this one out of the park!



Well needless to say we went to bed that night without ever hearing back from Sharon and we were both pretty bummed 😦 However, the story doesn’t end there, it’s only beginning! Stay tuned tomorrow for

March 1, 2013 “the day we got the greatest phone call of our lives!”


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