Mace: 18 months

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Profile of an 18 Month Old Mace- 25lbs (41%) , 34 in. tall (88%), head 19″ in circumference (61%)
  • Interests: Swords and ninjas are still 2 of his favorites, but he also has a new found love for dinosaurs!
  • Enjoys: Playing in the water! We have been to both the pool and the beach this week and Mace LOVED both of them! We see  lots of swimming going on this summer and swimming lessons starting ASAP! He loves Rage (our dog) and enjoys talking about him and of course antagonizing Rage with a sword 🙂 
  • Turn offs: When we have to take something away from him (like when it’s time for bed or he is being disobedient in regards to the item he is playing with). He really loves to play with our phones, though that has pretty much been a “no-no” since day one. So he is pretty unhappy when we take the phone from him. I (April) was home with Mace the entire month of January, so he is now pretty unhappy when we drop him off in his classroom at church, or when both Luke and I leave at the same time 😦 
  • Vices: Running from mommy and daddy. This is a big “no go” in our world, so we are working hard on this one right now, and explaining how unsafe it is to run from mom and dad. 
  • Strengths: He is a super smart kid and is picking up new things every day! He is learning our routines pretty well and is starting to do parts of them without us having to remind him. 
Favorites of a 15 month old Mace:
  • Foods: Yogurt, blueberries, popcorn.
  • Songs: This little light of mine, The wheels on the bus. 
  • Shows: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is still a favorite, and he has recently gotten into The Ninja Turtles!
  • Books: The Little Blue Truck
  • Toys: Swords and dinosaurs are the 2 things in looks for first in the morning.  
  • Activities:  Playing with his dinosaurs (he makes them interact and fight), playing swords with daddy, playing at the park (his can climb up and down the steps by himself and loves to slide, both head first and feet first, but always laying down 🙂 taking a bath, and playing in the water (pool or beach)
This month he has added a few new words to his vocabulary and he has started saying a few 2 word phrases… 
Two (when we count he holds 1 finger up for 1, but says the word two 🙂 
Poor Rae Rae (hysterical!!)
Uganda (aka… Gogogo)
Africa (aka.. Ka)
Night Night 
No No
Bye (said with the sweetest southern accent you have EVER heard!)
Hi – yah (while doing a ninja move 🙂 
Waahhh (Also, accompanied by a ninja move (this is something he picked up from the Scripture Ninja)
“Ice” (which is really Yes. Mace was saying “ay” for yeah when we asked him questions. We began instructing him to say Yes, which came out as “Ay…ssss”)
How 18 month old Mace is like his…
Mama- Mace LOVES to be outside and loves the beach and pool. This is definitely like his mama, as daddy is not a huge fan of being hot/outside, or the beach.
Daddy-  He LOVES watching Ninja Turtles and lots of other cartoons. This is something he and Luke do together and is a dream come true for this toy loving/cartoon watching daddy!
Treasuring 18 month old Mace bits & details…
When you ask Mace to say Grammie he says “Poppa” instead. He won’t say Grammie yet but he knows Grammie and Poppa go together. 
Mace has really started mimicking the Scripture Ninja more. When watching the Scripture Ninja he will actually do the moves a step before the ninja does! He also does the moves to several of the Scripture Ninja Bible verses (Ephesians 3:20 & 21, Ephesians 5:1, John 3:30, Matthew 19:26)
When you say to Mace “let’s pray Mace” he immediately puts his little hands together in a praying position. 
Every night while I am rocking Mace to sleep I ask “Can I pray for you Mace?” and he always answers “Ice” (Yes). 
Mace babbles All.The.Time! And in all of his babbling you often hear “Rae Rae” A LOT!! : ) 

2 thoughts on “Mace: 18 months

  1. Loved, loved, loved this. It makes me smile to see the ways he is like each of you. What a sweetie… and I know you guys are loving it each in your own ways. With all the Rae Rae love shared in this post, does that mean that Rage gets to stay?!?

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