Mace: 15 months

So my sisters do this with type of blogpost with their kids every few months and I thought it was an awesome way to document how our little Mace is growing!
IMG_5706    IMG_5738
Profile of a 15 Month Old Mace- 23lbs (90%) , 32 in. tall (80%)
  • Interests: Swords and Ninjas!  This kid really is Luke Graham’s son. He loves swords, ninjas, and doing ninja moves which is mostly influenced by watching The Scripture Ninja. 
  • Enjoys: giving hugs (to anything… Rage, the ball, the couch, mom and dad), going for rides (in stroller, shopping cart, on his Thomas car), swinging at the park.
  • Turn offs: Being told No, or that an episode of Scripture Ninja is over.
  • Vices: A little whining has started but we are working thru that. 
  • Strengths: He loves to mimic anything he sees Luke or I do. He has picked up baby sign very quickly and is able to use correctly it in different context. 
Favorites of a 15 month old Mace
  • Foods: There aren’t many things he turns down. But some of this favs are oatmeal, sweet potatoes, apples, grapes, puffs, cheddar bunnies, broccoli
  • Songs: Gigglebellies Train, Pattycake Praise
  • Shows: He LOVES TV, but his favorites are Scripture Ninja, Miss Pattycake, Gigglebellies, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Books: I love you through and through, and Curious George.
  • Toys: Swords and lightsabers, Mr Monk (his lovey) is his BFF! 
  • Activities:  sword fighting and spinning his sword, blowing bubbles, riding in anything that moves (his car, stroller, shopping cart)
He goes in and out of stages of saying certain words. Currently his favs are…
Rae Rae
How 15 month old Mace is like his…
Mama- He loves to be around people. He’s a really social guy. The more people around the happier he is.
Daddy-  He loves to entertain and make people laugh.
Treasuring 15 month old Mace bits & details…
Mace is all boy and loves to tackle and wrestle. If you are sitting on the floor he will come and climb on your back or try and tackle you. He also tackles his Wampa rug ALL. DAY. LONG.

When we pray for Mace at night he always sits really still and quiet and when we say “Amen” he looks up at us and smiles so big 🙂 

Mace is one social kid! He loves to be center of attention and will talk to almost anyone he encounters. He’s the most fun kid to go to the grocery store with because he waves like he’s in a parade at EVERYONE as I push him around the store! 

Mace now knows  4 baby signs… More, Please, All Done, and Milk (which we use for drink) and he can identify his head, nose, mouth, ears, and belly when asked where they are. 

Mace is a ridiculously good sleeper! He goes to bed between 8pm and 9pm each night and usually doesn’t wake up until about 9am!! It’s amazing! He also takes 1 nap a day that ranges from 1.5 – 2 hours! Lately when Mace wakes up in the morning he will stay in his bed and play with Mr Monk for about 15 minutes before he wants us to get him out. It’s super precious to watch him on monitor cuddling with his monkey 🙂 


2 thoughts on “Mace: 15 months

  1. I love this post so much. And I am super excited that in just a few days I’ll be ever so much closer to hugging your sweet hug-loving boy! Oh yeah… and I want to go to the grocery store together. Between my cutie and yours we’d have people eating out of our hands. 😉

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