Uganda Update – May 26, 2013


Hey Guys,

We have been busy busy for the last couple of days! On Friday we went to Jinja for the day and took a boat ride down the Nile! It was amazing! We got to see monkey’s up close and personal and we saw the source of the Nile (where waterfalls used to be that spilled over from Lake Victoria into the Nile).
Today was also a really fun day, as we went to Watoto church this morning with our awesome driver! It was an incredible experience and really is like an African Bayside. Today was extra cool though, because today was “Children’s Sunday” at their church! They recognized the Children’s Ministry volunteers and did a recruiting plug :), prayed over the children, and the female Children’s Pastor gave the message! It was an awesome message on Building a Godly Legacy for your family! Such an incredible message to sit under for our first time together as a family of 3 in church! I’ve attached a pic of Mace in his outfit for church. You guys know that Luke doesn’t love this outfit, but he gave in and let me put it on him. Though he said he couldn’t wear this outfit when we are back in the states 🙂
Mace has a little bit of a cough right now, so we would love your prayers regarding that. We took him to a clinic this afternoon and the doctor said it was allergies and to continue with what we are doing (cough medicine, cold tablets, saline for his nose). It breaks our hearts because he coughs so bad at night and isn’t resting well. Please pray this clears up soon.
Luke’s mom is flying in now. She was delayed in Atlanta and did not make her connecting flight yesterday from Amsterdam to Entebbe. Tomorrow we leave at 5am for the western region. We will be gone until Wednesday on safari and visiting Mace’s orphanage. We will email you guys when we get back!
Love and miss you all!
Luke, April, & Mace

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