Uganda Update – May 23, 2013


So today we received the best text ever from our lawyer! It simply said “Hello April. Your application has been granted.” Six little words that changed our life forever! Mace is officially ours!! Now we wait for the written ruling, which we pray we have some time next week, and then we begin the Passport process and finally the Visa process.

Today we hung out at the guest house, as the Ditzels were finishing up last minute things to travel home (they have already left for the airport) and needed the driver. So for lunch we walked over to Cafe Roma and then spent some time playing on the little playground behind the restaurant. They have a baby swing there and we discovered that Mace LOVES to swing! Every time we would stop the swing he would move his body back and forth trying to get it to swing again 🙂  We are so glad he likes things that move (swings, merry go round). It should make trips to Disney LOTS of fun! He is such a precious and happy boy and every day with him is more and more fun!

Tomorrow we are heading out bright and early to Jinja. Luke and I are both super excited about visiting here, as we will get to see the Nile river while we are there! On Saturday Luke’s mom is coming for a week and we are so excited about having her here! We have lots of fun things planned while she is here, including a visit out to Mace’s orphanage and a day and night safari!
Thank you guys for your prayers! Please continue to pray that our written ruling comes quickly next week, and for the Ditzels as they travel home!
Love you guys,
Luke, April, & Mace

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