Uganda Update – May 22, 2013

Monkey     Camel
haircutWe have had 2 really fun days in Uganda! On Tuesday we went to the Entebbe Zoo with our driver and the Ditzel’s. After visiting an African zoo we will NEVER look at an American zoo the same way again 🙂 At the zoo we visited many of the animals (camels, donkey, monkeys) were not in cages, they just roamed around the zoo freely! It was crazy! We got to ride one of the camels and it was amazing how the trainer controlled him completely by voice commands, not one rope or harness was used to control him. Luke and I both commented on how we needed these well trained camels and trainers for the Story of Jesus!

While we were at the zoo we were also given the opportunity to hold a “baby” chimpanzee, for the equivalent of $10! Of course we could not pass up that opportunity. That was until I saw the size of these babies… they were huge! More like teenage chimpanzees. Because Mace was sleeping on my back I had a good excuse to back out 🙂 but Luke and the Ditzel’s did it! We took video of the event and it was crazy! They put the 3 of them in a large cage and in came 6 teenage chimpanzees that were screaming and jumping and swinging everywhere!! It was crazy! A definite “once in a lifetime” opportunity! NEVER would you be able to do something like that in America.
Today we ran a couple of errands to pick up some souvenirs that we had made, and we also made a stop by a local salon for Mace to get his first haircut! He did awesome and sat so still and quiet in the chair with the Barber as he cut his hair. I know we needed to trim it because it was long and all different lengths, but it still makes me so sad to see how old he looks now 😦 I know we will have lots of time to experiment with different hairstyles once we get home, so for now he is sporting a cute fade!
Tomorrow we are supposed to hear from the judge on our verbal ruling! Please pray we get that tomorrow and that it is favorable!
Love you guys!
Luke, April, & Mace

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