Uganda Update – May 19, 2013

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*Just a reminder, please don’t forward or post any part of these emails or pictures.*

Hey guys,

Luke, Mace, and I are just wrapping up an awesome and relaxing Sunday afternoon here at the guesthouse. We decided to stay home today and rest as being out every day with a baby is proving really difficult. Mace is not able to nap well when we are out all day at appointments or running errands and it is affecting his sleeping at night (last night he was up at 12, 3, and finally for good at 6… not our ideal sleep schedule). So today we took it easy and enjoyed our time as a family of 3.
We took 2 naps today 🙂 And also took a walk to the hotel next door where we played in their gardens for a while. They had a playground that we played on for a while and Mace LOVED the merry-go-round, as you can see from the pic I attached.
Tonight for dinner we walked back to that same hotel and ate outside while listening to live African music and watching African dancers. They do this most Sunday nights at this restaurant and it was one of our favorite things thus far while in Uganda. We will definitely come back again before we go home.
Macey boy is doing awesome and we are all adjusting well to life as a family of 3! We love and miss all of our friends and family! We appreciate your emails and prayers. They mean more to us than you will ever know! We can’t wait to introduce all of you to our precious baby! He is amazing!
Luke, April, & Mace

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