Uganda Update – May 17, 2013

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Hey guys,

I apologize for the delay in writing. Yesterday was an exhausting day, both physically and mentally, and today our Internet has been in and out. We arrived back at the guesthouse last night after court around 10pm. We did not leave the courtroom until 9pm and we were not even called in to the courtroom until around 6pm. We met another American family, who was also adopting, while waiting at the courthouse and we were all called in to the courtroom at the same time. We watched their court proceedings and I saw that they judge did not spend much time talking with the mom, maybe 10 minutes max. I thought the same would be true for me but boy was I wrong. He spent about 45 minutes talking with the me and it was very trying and very exhausting. Though tough and tense at times it seemed to end well and our lawyer seemed very positive about the outcome. The judge said that he would give his ruling next Thursday (5/23) so please continue to pray that we receive a favorable ruling.

One of the very positive things about court was that we got to meet the head Sister at Mace’s orphanage, as well as the three people who found him, and the police officer who worked his case. They were all awesome and we enjoyed spending time with them and getting to know them. Mace, of course, was the life of the party and smiled at everyone and let all of them hold him. So thank you all for your prayers. They were answered and he was definitely a good boy!

After court the police officer and her 8 month old baby girl stayed here at the guesthouse, as it was very late and they had a very long way to travel and could not get a taxi out that far at that hour. This morning we had breakfast with them and the police officer gave me a hands-on lesson on how to tie your baby on your back. Africans have got it figured out when it comes to how to wear their babies!

After breakfast we went to the Friday market with the Ditzel’s to do a little shopping. There I purchased a piece of cloth that moms use to wear their babies and one of the women helped me tie Mace on. As you can see from the pictures he LOVES it! I will definitely be wearing him like this from now on. The American Ergo carrier is way too hot for the African climate and this type of carrier takes all the stress off of my shoulders.

We are resting now and looking forward to a low key evening here at the guesthouse. We will talk with you guys later!

Luke, April, and Mace


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