Uganda Update – May 15, 2013

IMG_1239        IMG_1230

Today started with another early morning. Mace has woken up by 5:30 for the last 2 days! This is definitely a change for Luke and I, as we are usually late nighters and like to sleep in. Gone are the days… 🙂 We had a busy morning as we had to visit the IOM (International Organization for Migration) this morning. It is basically the medical division of the Embassy and we had to get Mace’s medical check done as a step in getting our Visa. All went well and the doctor gave him a clear report and said she would send it over to the embassy! While we were there we also found out that Mace is now 20lbs!! And today we discovered that his 4 tooth on the bottom is coming in, which was no surprise to us because he drools All. The. Time. That brings the grand total to 8 teeth!

For lunch we stopped at Cafe Roma and had ice cream to finish off our meal. We gave Mace his first taste of ice cream, and as you can see from the picture he is not a fan 🙂

Our meeting with the lawyer went well yesterday. He briefed us on the type of questions the judge would ask us and also explained how the process would go. All of our witnesses are traveling to Kampala today so please pray they arrive safely.
We have court tomorrow (Thursday, May 16) at 2pm Uganda time, which is 7am in Florida. If you guys could please pray for us during that time. Pray that Mace is happy and well behaved, as it is a long process in a really hot court room. Pray that I (April) answer all of the judges questions well and that I am able to understand him (some friends have told us his accent is a bit thick and that he sometimes likes to ask baiting questions to see how you will respond). We know God’s got this, but would appreciate your prayers! We will update you guys once we leave court and arrive back at the guesthouse.
Love you guys,
Luke, April, & Mace

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