Uganda Update – May 13, 2013



It’s hard to believe that we have been in Uganda for 3 full days! We are loving our time here and getting to know Mace! We definitely saw a difference in him this morning, as he woke up full of smiles for both of us!

Today we spent the morning doing a little site seeing, after a quick stop at the mall for a pair of shoes for Mace. This kid has BIG feet and all the shoes I brought him were too small!

We visited the Kasubi Tombs. It was super interesting, as it is the place where the Ugandan kings are buried, and some of the descendants of these kings live on the property. We had a chance to meet some of them and one of them was our tour guide. He was an artist and we actually bought one of his paintings before we left. The people who lived there where so appreciative of us adopting Mace and loving the children of Uganda. It was so interesting to learn about the heritage of the Ugandan people, and to also spend some time talking with them. Some of the children wanted to take a picture with us, which I attached :). The house we are standing in front of is the the type of house all of the people on this property live in.
We also visited Parliament this morning. Our driver is a huge wealth of information and we loved hearing about the government structure and discussing politics with him. I can not even begin to explain how wonderful our driver and the staff here at the guesthouse have been!! They have been such a HUGE help and have made our transition into parenthood so smooth. The wonderful cooks have been so willing to make porridge and other traditional Ugandan foods for Mace, as we are trying to keep his diet as similar to what he was eating at the foster home as we possible can. Even one of the male staff members was so willing to help Luke heat up Mace’s milk this morning at 3am. We are so glad he did to, because we had been giving Mace cold milk and he didn’t really like it. But boy he LOVES warm milk 🙂
Tomorrow we are meeting with our lawyer at noon to go over details for court, which is set for Thursday May 16th at 2pm.
Love you guys! Thanks for all the love, prayers, and responses to our emails! You don’t know how much that means to us!
Luke, April, & Mace

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