Uganda Update – May 11, 2013

Hey guys,We wanted to let you all know that we arrived here at the Guesthouse last night around midnight (UG time, which is 7 hours ahead of Florida). The flights were good, but super full and super quick layovers (which we made all of them) so neither one of us slept much during our traveling. We spent some time setting up our room and getting things squared away for today before heading to bed. We were able to sleep for a bit, but only until about 7:00am this morning. We are way to excited to sleep!!

We woke up to the most incredible view this morning! We are loving Africa already and can’t wait to share pics with you guys when when we have a bit more time!
We are getting dressed now, going to have some breakfast here at the guest house and then run some errands before heading to the foster home at 12:30 to meet Mace!! We will try and post an update later tonight (hopefully with a picture included 🙂
Luke and April

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