Uganda Update – May 11, 2013 (Later in the day)

*Please remember, no posting or forwarding of this email or pictures!!*

Party of 3! It’s still hard to believe. Today was such an incredible day for Luke and I. I can’t even describe the feelings I had when we opened the door to the playroom and there was the happiest baby you’ve ever seen riding on a little rocking horse! 
Mace immediately smiled up at us both and even reached his arms out for me to hold him when I knelt down beside him! He is pretty much amazing and we are in LOVE! 
We spent a couple of hours at the foster home playing with the other children, chatting with Mace’s caregivers about his schedule/likes/etc, and giving them some of the gifts we brought. We were sad to leave and will definitely be back to visit before we fly home. These are some of the most precious people we have ever met and they will always hold a special place in our hearts!
When we left the foster home we made a stop at a local grocery store to get some of the foods Mace has been eating. Mace fell asleep on Luke on the way their : ) When he woke up I was in the store, but Luke told me that he started saying “Jjajja” when he woke up. Jjajja is the Lugandan word for grandmother and is what Mace had started calling his foster mom. Luke told him he was “dada” and he immediately started saying “dada”!! I would think it was a fluke, but whenever Luke walks in the room Mace looks at him and says “dada”!! Sweetest thing EVER!!
Mace is napping now and Luke and John Ditzel are going to get a pizza for us for dinner. It has been so amazing having the Ditzels here! They have been a wealth of information and support. They went with us to the foster home and John took over 200 pictures of our Gotcha Day, while Nicole videoed! Such precious memories we will have forever! We could never thank them enough for doing this! 
That’s it for now. We are gonna lay low tomorrow and rest and on Monday we will begin some sight seeing! Uganda is beautiful and I still can’t believe I am sitting here typing this email with my baby sleeping beside me!! Amazing! God is so good! And we are officially “Graham party of 3!”

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