Uganda Update – June 8, 2013

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Hi guys,

We are praising God today that yesterday the judged signed our written ruling! However, it was so late in the day that the people in his office where not able to seal it. We are praying that it is sealed on Monday so we can begin the passport process on Tuesday!
This week we had the chance to visit with our friends AC and Jane! AC is from the states and they have started a Human Trafficking organization here in Uganda. We had lunch and then went back to see their new home. God has provided them with the perfect place to take care of girls who are victims of Human Trafficking! However, they are still in need of beds for the girls and furniture for their home. If you are interested in learning more about their organization and helping them with this incredible cause you can contact them at
Yesterday we also took Mace to see his first movie, Iron Man 3. Well it was really more for mom and dad, but he enjoyed napping through it 🙂 It was nice to experience something a little bit American, and between a movie and visiting with AC and Jane this week any homesickness is being curbed.
Also, yesterday someone learned a new trick! Macey is now standing on his own from a sitting position! Walking is not far behind I’m sure, which makes me want to bawl! Though I love watching him learn new things it makes me so sad that he is growing up so fast  😦
We will keep you guys posted on what we hear on Monday! Please continue to pray that we receive the sealed copy on monday and that we fly through the passport process. We are definitely missing our friends and family at home and can’t wait to get home and into our new normal!
Luke, April, & Mace

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