Uganda Update – June 3, 2013

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Hey guys,

Sorry for the delay in emails. The 3 of us have been a bit under the weather here, but I am happy to say that Graham Party of 3 is feeling much better! We have done a lot of resting at the guesthouse for the last few days to beat these colds we picked up while on safari.
An update on our written ruling: the judge promised to have it to us by end of day Friday but that did not happen. He then re-promised to have it to us by Tuesday morning, as today (Monday) is a holiday in Uganda. Please PRAY that he gets it to us tomorrow so we can move forward with our process and on to applying for Mace’s passport.
 For fun I thought I would give a little update on some of Mace’s favorite things… 🙂
Food: Bananas, Avocado, Porridge, Rice, Mashed Potatoes, Mango, & Puffs
Movies: Baby Einstein
Toy: His stuffed Mickey (every time he sees Mickey he smiles and bites his nose!) followed by his stacking cups.
Words: dada and mama
Songs: Pattycake Praise
In the pic below you can see our new crib set up. We have a wooden 3 sided crib that slides up next to our bed and that is where Mace has been sleeping. But a 3 sided crib makes it very easy for him to crawl into our bed multiple times a night! So after 3 weeks (don’t judge us, we are new parents and very tired and very slow on figuring things out these days!) we got the genius idea to turn his crib around and push it up against the wall so he could not climb out. I would say it was a success because last night he slept from 8pm – 7am! He woke up a few times but he would stand up, see that we were still close and lay down and go back to sleep!
We miss you all and can’t wait to get home! Please pray that we get our written ruling tomorrow and that everything runs smoothly from here on out!
Luke, April, & Mace

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