Uganda Update – June 13, 2013

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Hey Guys,
Lots of fun things happening here in Uganda! We went to the passport office on Tuesday morning (what an adventure that was!) Things went really great. We were in and out of there in less than 45 minutes (and Mace slept almost the entire time). The representative from our lawyers office who is handling the passport process said we should have it by Friday, as long as the commissioner is in the office and signs off on everything. So please PRAY, PRAY, PRAY that he is in the office, that he signs everything, and that we are able to pick up the passport on Friday. If all goes well we should be going to the Embassy on Monday to start the Visa process!
Yesterday we took a fun little trip to a place called Peekaboo. It’s a kids play area that only cost about $4 to get in. It was really geared towards older kids (2-6 year olds) but Mace definitely found some fun things to do there! Future adoptive families this is a great place to go! It’s located and Naguru and Farouk knows how to get there. They had a ball pit that Mace really liked, as well as a plastic rocking horse. He LOVED the rocking horse, as he had one of these at the foster home and this was one of his favorite toys! In fact, the first time we saw Mace in person he was rocking on one of these horses at the foster home 🙂
Mace also found his own boda boda (motorcyle taxi) to drive 🙂 He is a crazy boy!
Today we have a few errands to run and then Winnie and Sylvia (the girls who work in the kitchen) are going to teach me how to make g-nut sauce, chipatti, posho and beef stew! I am so excited as these are our favorite foods in Uganda and I want to make them once we get home as well!
Please continue to pray for the other 2 families I mentioned in the last email. It appears that one of the moms is going to have to go back to the states and send the girls (ages 5 and 8) back to their orphanage for an indefinite amount of time. The embassy is doing an investigation on their birth mother and it could take months to complete this. We are absolutely heartbroken for these girls, as they are going to have a very hard time understanding why their new mommy is leaving them at the orphanage.
We love and miss you guys and hope to be home in the next week or 2 if all goes well! We will keep you posted as we hear more!
Luke, April, & Mace

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