Uganda Update – June 10, 2013

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Thank you so much for all of your prayers regarding our sealed copy of the written ruling. We received word tonight that the ruling was sealed today and we are leaving at 7am tomorrow morning for the passport office to begin that process!! We are so grateful for each and every one of you who have bathed our entire adoption process in prayer! You guys are our rock and we are so grateful for you!

It is amazing how much Mace has changed in the last 4 weeks! I am so proud and happy as he reaches each new milestone, but it also makes me a little sad that he is growing so fast  😦 He is getting so good at standing on his own and he is so proud of himself when he does it! It doesn’t hurt either that he has Luke and I, the staff at the guest house, our driver, and pretty much everyone staying here at the guesthouse cheering him on each time he stands on his own 🙂 This little boy doesn’t lack for attention! Every time he stands he claps and squeals (a deep boyish scream) and pats his big belly! It’s ridiculously cute and we all laugh and cheer him on!
Speaking of the staff here, have I mentioned lately how much we love the people here at Emmaus! The girls in the kitchen (Winnie and Sylvia) are amazing and boy do they LOVE this baby! Every time we walk into the room one of them is coming to take him from us 🙂 And many nights Mace and I (April) can be found hanging with the girls in the dining room watching Ugandan soap operas 🙂 They are so sweet to fill me in on what is going on! I have attached a pick of Mace and Sylvia! He LOVES his “girls”.
Mace is also doing so well with this eating! He is a great eater and will eat pretty much anything! Lately we have been trying out highchairs at some of the restaurants we frequent. And Luke and I have learned that we LOVE highchairs! And as you can see Mace does too! He is so content to sit in the highchair, as long as we keep the food coming 🙂
We are heading to bed in preparation for our early morning at the passport office! We will keep you guys posted on how it goes! Please keep praying for us, and also for 2 other families here at Emmaus. They are going thru the adoption process as well, each adopting 2 older children. However, their process has not gone so smooth. One has been here for over 9 weeks and the bummer is that both husbands had to return to the states and so the wives are here alone with the kids. Please pray their processes pick up and that they are able to go home soon!
Love you guys,
Luke, April, & Mace

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