We’re Home!!




Well technically we have been home for 1 month and I am just now getting the blog updated! Chalk it up to ‘new parent’ syndrome!

Graham party of three landed in Tampa, Florida on June 23 at 5:45pm after 24 hours of traveling and 19 hours in the air, to 200 of our closest friends in family! To say we were surprised by the welcome we received would be an understatement!

It was such a special time to share with everyone, as we introduced them to our precious baby boy! Who, by the way, was a complete rockstar! Not only did he sleep 12 of the 19 hours we were in the air, but he was completely chill when we arrived at the airport to a screaming crowd of people 🙂

7196_10201136265304970_390522439_n 1011909_10201136265944986_2028407974_n8623_10201136268305045_412456208_n 931224_10201136272505150_8766652_n999484_10201136272265144_296697957_n 999651_10201136298745806_782230392_n1000695_10201136280265344_1880194392_n 1004767_10201136280545351_1949335481_n1012181_10201136272905160_1039929931_n 1045002_10201136303265919_166473363_n

1010494_10201136301385872_1859696736_n 946501_10201136316386247_345938712_n 1012751_10201136297065764_1317879982_n

One of the most amazing moments of the evening was when our Pastor and all of our friends and family circled around our little family, laid hands on us and prayed over Mace and our family! God has placed the most amazing people in our lives! They are gold! Solid Gold!



Thank you for walking this journey with us each and every step of the way. We are home!!!!


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