The Evolution of a Baby’s Room – It’s Finished!!

Luke and I both had so much fun designing Mace’s bedroom, and for obvious reasons! I got to design a chic and fun space for my baby boy, and Luke got to design a room that he would have LOVED to have as a kid!

And yes, it is a Star Wars nursery

Star Wars has always played an important role in our family. Not only are the movies awesome and Luke named after Luke Skywalker, but Luke and I left our wedding to the Star Wars theme song, and then proceeded to name our first born son after Mace Windu! If you didn’t know us you could easily think we are the type of people who dress up like Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia and go to the annual Star Wars convention 🙂 Alas, we are not, we just love quality cinematics and a well executed good vs evil story.

So without further adieu, here is Mace’s Star Wars nursery!

IMG_5251 IMG_5263


It’s all about the details, and some of my personal favorites are the awesome mobile of Star Wars ships, the custom name sign Luke made for Mace, his “Ours to Love” pillow made my Mae Mae, monogrammed quilt made my Mae Mae, Star Wars ABC pictures from Mrs Leanne, his Wampa rug (whom he loves to wrestle), and a picture drawn by his cousin Aly of Luke and I going to Africa to get Mace!

 IMG_4381 IMG_5257 IMG_5250 IMG_5260 IMG_5265


This room is such a perfect combination of Luke and I! Star Wars chic! And we love each moment spent in here with our precious little Jedi, MACE!


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