Macey Boy

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Our precious boy! He is so smart, and personable, and loving to everyone he comes in contact with! All throughout our adoption process we have prayed that Mace would find favor with God and with man. And boy did God answer that prayer in a BIG way! Everyone loves this baby! The staff at the guest house, the different people who stay at the guest house, our driver, and waiters in restaurants! Wherever he goes Mace seems to make friends very easily. And it’s no surprise! With that sweet 8 tooth grin he can win over just about anybody. Not to mention almost everyone he meets he immediately extends his hand to either give them a high five, or shake their hands 🙂

It’s super precious!

Though Mace loves everyone one of his favorite people is our driver. He will go to him every time he sees him, and cries if Luke or I have to take him from the driver 🙂 We love this man who has become such an incredible friend and support for us in Uganda. He is more than just a driver. He is an ambassador, a friend, a guide, and as you can see from this pic… a pretty great babysitter! This pic was taken at the zoo and our driver is carrying Mace while holding Josh’s hand (Josh is the son of another adopting family from Bradenton).


Mace is officially 11 months old (his birthday is July 3rd) and at his last doctors visit he weighed 20lbs, though everyone says he definitely weighs more than that now. It seems Luke and I know how to pack the pounds on a baby 🙂 Mace has 8 teeth, he crawls like a champ, and cruises along the furniture. He isn’t very interested in walking when you hold his hands. He knows it’s faster to crawl and he can do that on his own!

Mace’s loves to eat! Have we mentioned that yet! Food is definitely this kids love language, and the lack of food is the one thing that can send him into a MAJOR fit! And he eats a lot! Over the last week he has gotten better about scaling back his portions, as he is learning that more food always comes and that mom and dad will feed him when he is hungry. Some of his favorite foods are porridge, beans, rice, posho, mango, bananas, and avocado. We have found that he doesn’t care for boiled eggs, but will sometimes eat scrambled eggs if he’s in the mood. Eggs are currently the one thing that can make him gag (he gets that from his mom). He also isn’t very fond of really cold foods…. ice cream or fruit out of the fridge. Puffs are referred to by Luke as Mace’s “manna from heaven”! One puff at at time in a cup will buy us a lot of time at appointments and restaurants 🙂

Some of Mace’s favorite things are Baby Einstein videos, his stuffed Jedi Mickey, his stacking cups, and one of us favorite games is to take everything out of the backpack. Once again, an activity that will buy Luke and I a good 20 minutes if we are trying to get dressed!

Mace’s two favorite words are definitely Mama and Dada. Click on the link “Mace Talking” and take a listen to this sweet boy! We discovered yesterday that he is saying “all done” now, which I say to him every time we finish with a meal, diaper change, etc. He is super smart! And we aren’t just biased parents 🙂 Ok, maybe just a little bit!

Mace Talking

We can’t wait to show you all more pics of our precious boy when we get home! For now, we are enjoying our time getting to know this precious gift from God.


7 thoughts on “Macey Boy

  1. OH I love to hear those sweet baby sounds. Absolutely precious. Yay another July birthday!!! Welcome to the fam Macey boy!!!

  2. Oh there’s nothing better than sweet baby talk, especially when they say momma and dada 🙂 so excited for you guys!

  3. So fun to read about your sweet boy and to see pictures. I’ve been meaning to ask you if you think the teething anklet works as well as a necklace… and to ask where you got it. We won’t need one for a few more months, but I definitely want to get one.

    I couldn’t figure out how to listen to Mace’s talking, but will ask Shannon to help me later. If you guys want to Skype tomorrow just let us know. Love you…

  4. You AREN’T just biased! He IS super smart and doing well with his developmental milestones! And WAY bigger than our 12.5 month old! Sounds like you’ve got a healthy baby on your hands. 🙂 Can’t wait for you to bring him home!

  5. He is really super super cute! God blessed you and God is going to bless you in your life a lot!! God is doing very good things in your life! God is going to bless your family and your son your going to adopt!

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