Uganda Update

It’s hard to believe we have been in Uganda for 3.5 weeks! So much has happened and there is so much to fill you in on.

We arrived at the guesthouse on Friday May 10th around midnight after 24 hours of traveling. Everything went smooth during our travels.


The place we are staying is absolutely fabulous! Gorgeous grounds and an incredible staff. They have been such a support and encouragement to us during our time here, and Mace LOVES them! Every time we come down stairs he goes to the girls who work in the kitchen, and they are always ready with a few dozen hugs for him! And have I mentioned that these girls can cook! Below is one of our favorite meals that they make for us… Beans, Rice, Posho, Cabbage, and Pineapple! And an Orange Fanta to complete the meal. I don’t know what it is about Africa, but Orange Fanta just takes a million times better here!

IMG_1249       IMG_4533

On Saturday May 11th around noon we went to the foster home to meet Mace! It was one of the most incredible days of our lives! He loved us almost immediately and was so friendly and smiley! We have a couple hundred pictures of that day, thanks to John and Nicole Ditzel, and I can’t wait to share those with you when we return home!

During our time in Uganda we have kept very busy seeing the sites of this beautiful country. We visited Jinja and took a boat ride down the Nile River. We saw the source of the Nile, where it comes out of Lake Victoria.


We went to the Entebbe Zoo, where this little Vervet Monkey robbed us of a bag of G-nuts! Have I mentioned that monkeys just pretty much run around everywhere here!


We went to church for the first time as a family of 3 at Watoto Church! It reminded us so much of Bayside and the first worship song they sang that day was ‘Nothing is Impossible’!


And Luke’s Mom came for a week and we went on safari in the Queen Elizabeth National Park! We stayed at a resort that had the most incredible view of the Park! On safari we saw lots of elephants, lions, hippos, antelope, and buffalo! They were closer than you could imagine! Such a cool experience.

IMG_4649     IMG_1748

We are having such an incredible time here in Uganda! We love the country and the people, and most of all our sweet baby boy! But we’ll tell you all about him tomorrow 🙂


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