“We’re leaving on a Jet Plane!!”


“We don’t know when we’ll be back again.”

That’s right! We’ve got a court date!! We will be having court in Uganda on May 16th. That means we will be leaving sometime around May 9th or 10th. We will let you know more as we finalize travel details.

And the lyric is true, we don’t know exactly when we will be back. Our agency has told us that we will probably be in country 4-6 weeks, so we will be back some time in June.

Today we are rejoicing in the fact that in 10 days we will be holding our little Mace!! God is so good!!


4 thoughts on ““We’re leaving on a Jet Plane!!”

  1. This is my favorite Mace post yet… though soon to be replaced by ones of you holding your sweet boy in your arms! I am SO happy and excited for you and can’t wait to Skype with you while you’re in Uganda. You’ll only be 1 hour ahead of us, so it will be super convenient for Mom and I to Skype with you and we can each show off our sweet babies. Hooray!!!

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