What’s in a name?


We told you in the previous post that he had a great story, and how his name came about is part of that great story! Shortly after we started the process to adopt I had a lot of panicked feelings of “Who is taking care of my baby? I need to get over there and get him. No one can take care of him like I can.”

To be honest with you, they were really faithless feelings, as I felt like I was the only one who could provide him with what he needed. During a Wednesday morning prayer I was praying about Our Baby and wrestling with these feelings when the Holy Spirit so gently whispered to me “He’s mine first April, not yours. I will take care of him.” A refreshing reminder from my Father. He formed Our Baby. He knew from the foundation of the world how he would be born, who would take care of him, and when he would come into our family. Nothing about our process or Our Baby’s life caught God by surprise. From that day on we have rested in such wonderful peace, knowing that God had Our Baby in the palm of His hand.

Fast forward several months to the amazing, and super early morning, phone call we received from our agency telling us about our baby boy. As she was giving us all the details about him she said… “Do you want to know his name? It’s a good one. “ Of course, we were dying to hear it! She said, “The orphanage named him Emmanuel.” Cue the tears! I was a wreck! Not only did the Holy Spirit assure me that he would take care of Our Baby, but He went one step further and made sure his name meant “God with us.”

Our God is amazing and faithful and goes to great lengths to let us know that He loves us and cares about the littlest details in our lives. So we knew that Emmanuel would remain in his name somewhere, as it was too amazing of a name not to keep!

Not long after we made the decision to adopt from Uganda Luke came up with a really great boy name that just stuck! To be completely honest with you, we have been calling Our Baby by this name for months now, even though we were not sure if Our Baby would be a boy or a girl 🙂 So we are so excited to finally let you all in on our little secret that “Our Baby” will henceforth be referred to as…


Does that font look familiar to anyone? Yes, Mace is also the letters of ACME (the name of the Children’s Ministry we run) scrambled!


Though this was just a coincidence, we LOVE this about his name!

Also, Luke is a HUGE Star Wars fan, and was actually named after a Star Wars character, Luke Skywalker. Not Luke in the Bible :). He decided it was appropriate to carry on this tradition by naming his son after a Jedi as well!

What could be better than being named after the Son of God and a Jedi?!?     Not much!

So Mace Emmanuel Graham is his name! We love that Mace was named partially by us, and partially by his care givers at the orphanage! What a great legacy and name!

What’s in a name?… EVERYTHING!


4 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. “Nothing about our process or Our Baby’s life caught God by surprise.” – this was a comforting reminder to read. I remember the summer day (nearly 2 years ago now!) when I was driving in the car and through a Chris Tomlin song God reminded me of this same truth for our child. The process hasn’t been at all what I expected, but I’m trusting that God has it all under control and that our desire / actions toward adoption weren’t in vain.

    This was a fun post to read. I’m so happy for the 3 of you and so looking forward to seeing pictures of you with Mace. I’m also so happy for you that you can share your sweet boy’s name with the world – and that his name so clearly reveals God’s hand in Mace’s life – now if only we can come up with a name for Mace’s cousin. 😉

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