Like Father, Like Son!


That’s right! It’s a BOY!!! 

On July 13, 2012 we started the process to adopt our first child from Uganda, Africa. Little did we know that at that time our precious baby boy was less than 2 weeks old and had been at the orphanage for 8 days. Now, 8 months later we can finally announce to all of you that we have an official match with our 8 month old son!! He is truly the most beautiful and happy baby we have ever seen!! We can’t wait to tell you all about his amazing story and how God has cared for Our Baby and knit our family together. 

We are not legally allowed to post any pictures of him online until we arrive back in America, but we would be happy to show you a picture of him if we see you in person. He’s beautiful and we LOVE showing him off!!

Thank you for loving and supporting us through this process! It has been an amazing journey so far and we are so privileged to have walked it with each of you! We can’t wait to have Our Baby in our arms FOREVER and introduce him to all of you! He’s finally, officially Ours to Love!!


9 thoughts on “Like Father, Like Son!

  1. I’m so thrilled for y’all! I just have chills all over and cannot believe it’s happening! Yay, yay, yay! God is good 🙂 Love you, friend! Can’t wait to meet him and hear all about his precious life!

  2. AHHH!!! YAY! This is SOOO exciting! I’m so happy for you guys and I can’t wait for you to be able to travel and meet him!! Congratulations on your baby boy! 🙂

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