Luke and I say it all the time, that we hit the ‘Jackpot’ when it comes to the amazing kids and volunteers we have in our ministry! They have all rallied around us with such excitement and love as we prepare to bring Our Baby home.

Several weeks ago two of  the precious kids in our ministry came to us with this very special gift. Two coffee mugs they had made!  They know the way to this Children’s Pastors heart 🙂  Seriously aren’t these things adorable! I can’t wait to sip coffee from these in the mornings as I play with our precious Ugandan Baby!!


And yesterday one of our incredible volunteers blessed us with this beautiful painting she had painted just for Our Baby! It took everything in me not to burst into tears as soon as she showed it to me! Such a special way to commemorate this time in our lives, and definitely one of the most precious gifts we have ever gotten! One that we will cherish forever!


Our Baby is already so loved by his/her Bayside and ACME family! I can’t wait to see him/her running up and down the halls of ACME playing with his/her friends and sharing hugs with all the amazing volunteers who already love him/her so much!


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