Throughout our adoption process one word has continually come to mind…


The favor of God over our entire adoption process has been tangible. From documents that came in earlier than expected, to phone calls we received months before we were supposed to receive them, to documents arriving early to their destination. The favor of God has been something we have seen time and time again throughout every step of this journey. 

This week we had another “favor of God” moment when we were selected by the Give1Save1 website to be their feature family on their Africa blog for the week of January 7-12! A random text message from a friend, turned into a random blog search by me, which turned into a random email sent, and a random email received back! Random? I think not! Miraculous. Most definitely!

So today we are the feature family on! We are so excited and believe that this is the tool God is going to use to provide the remainder of the money needed to fully fund our adoption! encourages its readers to give just $1 every week to the family being featured. This $1 donation, goes directly to save the 1 child being adopted. It’s simple and powerful, and God has used this blog to help so many adoptive families fund their adoption.
By the end of the week, we are believing God to provide the remaining $9,000 needed to bring Our Baby home!
If you’d like to help us there are 3 things you can do:
1. Pray. Please join with us that God provides the $9,000 we need. Please also continue to pray for our child; that God’s love and protection would be with them.
2. Spread the word! Help us get the word out that we are featured on Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, and Blog our link where people will be able to see our video and give towards our adoption if they desire. The link is here: New Week, New Family
3. Give. If you’d like to give towards our adoption to help bring our baby home, you can do that here: New Week, New Family
Thank you so much for all your love, support, and prayers throughout this time in our lives. It has been an honor to watch God work in miraculous ways to bring Our Baby home! Thank you for taking this journey with us! It means more to us and our child than you will ever know! 

One thought on “Give1Save1

  1. Praying for God’s continued favor on this entire process and believing God to provide all you need for this adoption. Your baby is the luckiest kid on earth and they don;t even know it yet! Y’all are going to be the best parents! We love you! -K

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