Our Baby’s 1st Christmas

Celebrating Our Baby’s 1st Christmas (even though he/she was 8000 miles away) was a TON of fun! We have such an amazing family who has embraced and celebrated our adoption, and that was evident by the outpouring of love and gifts Our Baby received!

A special card (handmade by our niece Jane) and an AWESOME hoodie from the Lourcey’s!

  IMG_3616    IMG_3617

An AMAZING diaper bag, that is technically for Mommy, but will be used by Our Baby, from Grammie & Poppa!!

IMG_3619     IMG_3620

A new closet system and Weebles toy from Mae Mae! (More pics of closet to come in Room Update post!)


Gigi (April’s grandmother, aka Gran) made Our Baby two Mickey blankets and Grammie gave us a recordable storybook to record our voices reading the story and send to Africa. So, here are Our Baby’s items all set and ready to ship to Africa!


And tons of books!! We love books and so many of our friends and siblings made sure that Our Baby had a great start on his/her book collection. The books below are some that Luke and I purchased to add to our 25 Christmas book collection to wrap and read each December.We also got Our Baby at Little Tikes picnic table, which his/her cousins so graciously broke in during Christmas morning breakfast 🙂

IMG_3690     IMG_3600

And with all these new toys and books we are sure to need an organized place to store them! The Wilson’s/Lourcey’s/Andersen’s/Bradley’s made sure we had a place to store toys in the living room! They know Luke and I too well and that we have to have everything organized and in it’s place!


All of Our Baby’s gifts in one spot! Our Baby is one super blessed kiddo and he/she doesn’t yet know how much he/she is loved by all his/her friends and family here in Florida!



One thought on “Our Baby’s 1st Christmas

  1. Yay! This was so fun to read. That is certainly one loved baby. I’m so glad you liked your recordable book. Such a good idea. You should also get a little recordable (battery operated) device so that you can sing songs to the baby and the foster mom can play it each day. That way when you first meet and sing those songs your baby will know your voice. 🙂

    Your picnic table is such a good idea. I’m sure it will get lots and lots and lots of use. Loved seeing pictures of your toy shelf. Is that it’s new home? Where did the bar stools go?

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