The Evolution of a Baby’s Room…

  Being from the design field, decorating Our Baby’s room has been super important to me! However, not yet knowing if Our Baby is  a boy or a girl, has been what I have described as “a slow form of torture”. So when it came to decorating the room I had to put my best design techniques to work and design 2 rooms based off of the same fundamental elements.

Our Baby will be taking over our existing guest bedroom. Below is the “Before” picture.

Baby's Room

Our amazing friend Jenn offered to paint Our Baby’s room as her gift to us! So we picked out the color and she went to work on painting Baby’s room!


Dad taking the closet racks out. We are so grateful that Luke’s mom is giving us a closet system for Our Baby’s room for Christmas!


We decided to go with “granite gray” as the color. Its a true gray and is going to look super sharp against the baby’s white furniture!

IMG_3449           IMG_3450

Rage is not so sure about all these changes that are happening at our house! As we were moving items around for painting he was sitting in the middle of the floor shivering 😦 Luke gave him the low down that this was only the beginning of the changes coming to his life!

IMG_3125           IMG_3129

And the finished product! We have a few guests coming for Christmas, so after the holidays we are going to take all the guest bedroom furniture out and set up the room with the crib and other baby furniture. I will keep you posted as it comes together!

IMG_3475          IMG_3477

We are so looking forward to the day that we know if Our Baby is a boy or a girl, so that we can add the final details to His/Her room!


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