It’s not every day that you need to take a trip to the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) office. Adoption will take you to new and exciting places, literally! It was so awesome to drive up to this office and see families gathered outside, dressed in their “sunday best”, taking pictures, and hugging. We pulled up as a group of people had just completed their Naturalization Oath Ceremony. The office was all a buzz with families sharing their congratulations. It was humbling to see these people making a choice to be American citizens, and how proud and excited they were over that choice.


However, Luke and I visited the USCIS office today for a very different (if not equally exciting 🙂 ) reason. Today we had yet another set of live scan fingerprints done. We had one set of fingerprints done for our home study, but for international adoption you must also have a set of fingerprints done at the USCIS office for your I-600a application. In short, this is basically a form that we have to complete, asking the US government for permission to bring an immigrant into the country. Our Baby will be officially adopted once we return home to the United States.

IMG_3469And strictly for documenting purposes, below is a picture of the Polk County Human Services Center. Luke and I visited this office back in October to get certified copies of our birth certificates. And yes, we were both born in the same county, same town, same hospital (10 months apart!)



One thought on “USCIS

  1. The first time we went to USCIS Cameron Diaz was there ahead of us. I’m not a star struck kind of person but it was kinda neat. It stunk I couldn’t get a picture with my phone or anything because they make you turn your phones off LOL Later I thought how I should have ran outside when she left and just asked for a picture with her since I was wearing my adoption Rocks shirt. It would have been a neat pic to have with the adoption journey.

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