Ours to Love takes on Disney!

IMG_3435Monday we spent the day at Disney with some of our best friends, touring the hotels and looking at all the amazing Christmas decorations. We all decided to wear our Ours to Love shirts. We got lots of questions from people who were all curious as to what our shirts meant.  It was a lot of fun to tell complete strangers about our upcoming adoption 🙂 Everyone was so happy for us and many of them even shared with us how their own lives had been touched by adoption. Whether it was that they had an adopted grandchild, or an adopted godchild, or had friends who had adopted, it was amazing the connection that you can have with someone when you are bonded over something as powerful as adoption.


To close out the day we visited the Osborne Spectacle of Lights at Hollywood Studios. It was such an amazing and magical time as we stood their amidst 5 million Christmas lights. I was overwhelmed by the thought that next year we will be there enjoying the lights and snow with Our Baby! That day can not come soon enough for Luke and I!

IMG_3439       IMG_3441



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