It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!





For those of you who know Luke and I well you know that Christmas is like Disney and Star Wars in our book! We LOVE Christmas! Being in the design field I developed a love for themed Christmas trees and my wonderful husband so graciously caters to my “christmas decoration” addiction :  )  This year we decided on a very special theme for our tree. This tree is all about Our Baby and is decorated in special ornaments and the colors gold, black, and red (the colors of the Ugandan flag).

While at Disney we bought our first ornament for Our Baby! We had them customize it to commemorate this special year!

             Several months ago when we decided to theme our tree around Uganda we purchased these Ugandan postcards. We mailed them to all of our closest friends and family along with a little note, asking them to write a note to Our Baby on the postcard and mail it back to us! As the cards have come in we have made them into ornaments that now hang on our Uganda tree! A perfect addition to our tree! I can’t wait for Our Baby to read these special notes when he/she is older!


Some of our very best friends took a vacation to Europe this fall and brought our family back some very special Christmas ornaments! We love this addition to our tree and are looking forward to celebrating Christmas next year with Our Baby!


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