Family Ties

Telling our families about our upcoming adoption was such a fun and exciting time for Luke and I. We both knew that we wanted to tell them in person, so that took a bit of waiting to tell my (April’s) family.

Luke’s mom had rented a house at the beach in late July and all of his siblings came for the week! We knew it was the perfect time to tell them about our adoption. One night, close to midnight, after all of the babies were in bed we were all sitting in the living room talking and catching up on life. I handed my phone to my sister-in-law and asked her if she liked my new wallpaper. You can imagine her surprise when she took my phone and saw an ultrasound picture with Africa in the middle! She had known that we knew we wanted to adopt at some point, but in her words “she didn’t know it was now”. She handed the phone to Luke’s mom, who had a hard time making out the image in the ultrasound : ) Once everyone figured it out there was excitement all around! Tons of questions were asked and congratulations shared. Luke’s mom made sure we celebrated that amazing night with a “chocolate milk” toast!


Telling April’s family took a little more time and a lot more traveling! For my nieces 1st birthday my mom, dad, aunt, and I flew to North Carolina to spend the weekend with my 2 sisters, cousin, and all of their families! We arrived in NC and decided to go straight to this awesome Mexican restaurant to have dinner with all the adults (we left a sitter at home with 10 kids!) and to celebrate my parents anniversary. When we arrived I stayed outside to wrap up a special anniversary gift for my mom and dad! Everyone arrived and tons of hugs and laughs were shared! Before our food arrived I gave mom and dad their anniversary gift, and I think my sister Emily’s reaction was the best! She was sitting beside my mom so she saw the picture as soon as it came out of the bag. She screamed (literally) “NO WAY!” Everyone was so excited and surprised!


The last person left to tell was my sister Elizabeth and her husband Shannon, who live in the Czech Republic. Unfortunately we could not tell them in person, so we bought them a special book and sent it to them with a little note! Liz and Shan are also going through the adoption process and waiting to bring their baby home from a Czech orphanage. So we bought an adoption journal for Liz and Shan, as well as for Luke and I to journal our experience of bringing our babies home. It is so exciting to share this journey with them!


Luke and I are very close to both of our families! God has not blessed us with one but two amazing earthly families! We can’t wait to have Our Baby be a part of this awesome extended family with the world’s best grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins!


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