Where it all began…

I know it seems strange, but Luke and I have literally known each other our entire lives. And here is the proof…

Yesterday we set out to clean the garage which is being over run by baby furniture! I could not take the clutter any longer so we spent a good portion of our day off cleaning the garage. While cleaning, we came across two boxes that my mom had brought over from her house. One was filled with items from my middle school years and the other was filled with memorabilia from my elementary school years. Oh the awesome gems we ran across in those two boxes! This one in particular that just had to make it’s way onto our blog.

Meet second grade Luke (toe head boy on the end of the top row) and April (brown haired girl on the end of the bottom row), just one person away from Luke : )

 And if that wasn’t cute enough we also found a newspaper clipping from our second grade year. You see in Wauchula (where we grew up) the town is so small that they actually post the kids Christmas letter to Santa in the newspaper! And what are the odds that mine and Luke’s Santa letter would be right beside each other! I love my hubby and the fact that so much of our child hood is woven together. We can’t wait  to show Our Baby these pictures and tell him/her all about our childhood adventures!

In other news, today we got confirmation from FedEx that our dossier arrived in Uganda and our I600A (application for USCIS) arrived in Texas!!


4 thoughts on “Where it all began…

  1. I agree with Emma. Amazing. I can’t believe that I don’t remember the outfit you’re wearing at all! It also makes me smile that you spelled “lots” wrong – and yet differently – twice in your Santa letter. 😉

    • Liz, you know what’s funny, I thought the same thing about that outfit! And those are some amazing tights. I bought some in almost the same color yesterday. 🙂 Louts of love.

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