Adoption is a Family Affair

Adoption is something that is not new to my (April’s) family. All 3 of my sisters and their husbands have adopted, are adopting, have fostered, or are fostering. Adoption and foster care is something that is close to the heart of God and I am so grateful that we share this passion with all of my siblings and their spouses. In our family there are currently 3 bios (and 1 on the way), 2 adopted (and 3 on the way), and 2 foster!! That’s a lot of babies! Say a prayer for Grammie and Poppa, please!!

While in North Carolina for my niece’s birthday I experienced one of the hidden blessings of our unique family. While playing at the mall my sisters adopted daughter came up as her mom and I were talking, and her mom told her to go play with her cousin. This beautiful biracial little girl, with long, spirally curling locks skipped off to play with her fair skinned, blonde haired cousin. The entire scene made me smile : )  What an amazing picture of the family of God! We might not all look the same but we are bound by something stronger than blood, it’s the love of our Father! I am humbled to be a part of this family and I can’t wait for Baby Graham to join our craziness!!



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