The Waiting Begins…

On October 1st we had our first meeting with our amazing Adoption Counselor. At that appointment we received 2 GIANT checklist of items that we need to compile for our home study and our dossier. We took this as a challenge and decided that we would try to complete all of the paperwork within 1 month!! For the last 30 days we have gone to countless doctors appointments, gotten fingerprints, had friends/family complete reference letters, background checks, certified copies of EVERY document attached to our names : ) and bonus… it all had to be notarized!! Tons and tons of paperwork! But today that all changed! This morning we met with our Adoption Counselor and finalized ALL of our paperwork!! Wednesday these items will be Fedex to Uganda and we will officially be on the waiting list!!


4 thoughts on “The Waiting Begins…

  1. Whaaaaaaattttttt????? Ms. April, I am soooo excited to hear this wonderful news. I MUST keep following to find out everything. I knew it, I knew it , I knew it. Will pray for you guys. Much love, Gwen

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