Our Baby’s Creative Team

We have been blessed with the most amazing group of friends and co-workers who were ecstatic to come on board and help us prepare to bring Our Baby home! From web design, to graphic design, to video production and photography Our Baby’s Creative Team came together with some amazing ideas and unmeasurable talent (not to mention a lot of fun and laughs!). We are so grateful for these amazing people who have given countless hours of their own time to help us create this website.


3 thoughts on “Our Baby’s Creative Team

  1. Luke & April,
    Not knowing any of this was going on – I have been praying for you all for several years about adoption and the child(ren) that will join your family. I will continue to pray and will follow excitedly!

    Dadra Smith

  2. What a blessed baby you will have, to be part of your wonderful family. Will pray for God’s will and His way in your growing home!

  3. Lots of Love and Prayers being sent your way!! Thanks for creating this site so we can be a part of it! Love you guys!! Scott and Janet 🙂

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